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The business of Optometry is distinctly different than the practice of Optometry. To help you thrive in the 21st Century, EyeXperts offers a full range of consulting services from Branding, to Systems Analysis, to Team Training, to Marketing and Financial advice. Dr's Choice Hiring and Dr's Choice Private Label lenses are trademarked successes.

Digital Tools Delivered Online

After 35 years of consulting, EyeXperts have learned the most effective tools to help a practice are digital tools that can be delivered online. Onsite visits are usually not required to get world class consulting services delivered to your office.

Most Services Online 24/7

Time is every professional's most precious commodity. EyeXperts has digitized all of the services they offer so they are accessbile online 24/7. EyeXperts pioneered the concept of the virtual consult using video and animated video for years

Customized for Your Practice

EyeXperts has cconsulted for offices from coast to coast in Canada. We bring a unique Canadian perspective to eyecare. Dr Gerry Leinweber is a team builder and with EyeXperts he has built a team of North American professionals who customize their consulting to your office's needs

The Most Advanced Consulting Technology

Training Programs

Our open Source Learning Management System is Kolibri. It is uniquely powerful with content that is world class

Marketing Programs

The highest quality products. 
Dr’s Choice lenses are exclusive (available only at high quality full service Optometry offices.)

Financial Programs

Financial Programs are outsourced to various CPA's with expertise in Eyecare. From practice valuations to break even analysis, our tools are designed from and for Canadian Optometry

Why Practices Choose EyeXperts

As a small practice owner, I found EyeXperts and Dr. Gerrry Leinweber to be instrumental in helping me grow a thriving practice. Through systems analysis and critical tools, EyeXperts has helped me develop a very strong office culture and powerful service delivery systems. This fosters a strong positive brand feeling with our patients. EyeXperts helped us move into a larger space and we doubled our income in seven years.


Incorporating Doctors Choice Lenses into our dispensary will save our patients money, provide new levels of profitability while supporting efforts to improve eyecare in developing countries. I can highly recommend EyeXperts to practice owners wanting to take their office to the next level.

Dr. Paul Geneau

At Bancroft Eyecare we have been involved in the Dr’s Choice lens program for over five years now and our experience has been extremely positive. In addition to the fact the Dr’s Choice contributes to the charity Canadian Vision Care to bring eyecare to countries such as Jamaica, Malawi and the Phillipines, these Dr’s Choice lenses are really wonderful products.  We have had great success with both the Cavell and Ultimate lens designs. They are excellent lenses, excellent pricing, excellent service and every lens you order supports Canadian Vision Care. 


So I would highly recommend this program and these products through Dr’s Choice.

Dr Jerry Rawal

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