Your eyecare office faces unique demands and challenges on a regular basis, which makes it hard for you to develop a strategic plan to achieve your vision of how your practice should operate. When you’re balancing patient care with running a business, it can be difficult to see where you can improve or expand your care and service offerings.

At EyeXperts, we bring a deep understanding of systems thinking and an objective approach to helping you reach your goals. We can help you see the underlying structures in your business and show you how to alter these structures to positively influence the behavior of your staff and patients.

EyeXperts offers an individual structural consultation, using professional video tools and one-on-one dialogue. EyeXperts can provide you with a fresh perspective on your business. Our process will help you develop and define your own vision. Then we’ll provide you with the tools to turn your vision into reality.

Do you find some of these issues in your practice?

  • you make changes but old habits return
  • your office tries new ideas but soon reverts to old patterns
  • you don’t understand the structural base that encourages one to revert to the old patterns
  • the “path of least resistance” is a common daily occurrence
  • structural tension is a new concept to you
  • your vision of the practice has never quite been fulfilled
  • you are at a loss as to what steps need to be taken to achieve that vision
  • you don’t understand the underlying structure that pushes the old patterns back to the forefront

We can help you develop a vision and work toward fulfilling it. Contact us and learn how.


EyeXperts firmly believes that a strong brand is critical to the success of your practice. As the point of engagement with your patients, a well-crafted brand will help you to cultivate patients into long-term clients, and convert them into buyers of products and services beyond examinations.

Our branding advisor is Duane Knapp. He has a track record of developing brands for Fortune 500 companies such as Starbucks, Whirlpool, and Hampton Inns. Duane generates results and has worked with EyeXperts to develop:

  • The EyeXperts Diamond Brand Promise
  • The Diamond Credo
  • The Diamond Brand Blueprint

An EyeXperts Diamond Brand is an investment that provides consistent returns through a comprehensive branding program. EyeXperts will help you develop a brand that differentiates you from your competitors, using a specialized brand blueprint that will teach you:

  • The value of a brand to your clientele
  • The value of first impressions
  • How good branding can positively affect an optometry office
  • What is involved in developing a brand that identifies you as being different
  • How to build the trust that your client wants and needs
  • Why a practice must go beyond just supplying a product and service, to creating an experience
  • What a diamond experience means
  • How to use techniques that will help your staff create a diamond
  • Experience for your clientele
  • Why the ‘credo’ will help your staff be more effective

Let EyeXperts show you how branding can elevate your practice. Contact us and learn how.


EyeXperts provides a complete systematic process so practices can have a winning financial strategy. From high value entrance and exit strategies to yearly financial tracking with Mike Whitlock as our international consultant, EyeXperts is creating visions with the aspirations of Doctors understood and respected.

We are able to do this with a unique team that provides:

  1. Annual financial strategy sessions combined with individual consults
  2. Entrance and exit strategies that are sustainable.

Headache Teasers

  • Are you running your business or is the business running you?
  • Is it time to take full control of the financial portion of your practice?
  • You handle a lot of money through the year, are you keeping your proper share?
  • Thinking about slowing down or retiring but don’t have an exit plan?
  • Looking at expanding and bringing in a partner but unsure of a fair and satisfactory way?
  • Are you maximizing your purchasing power or are you leaving some money on the table?
  • Have you ever had access to a world renowned international financial consultant before?
  • Do you feel like you are running your business by the “seat of your pants” without any long term budgeting or plan?
  • Do you feel stress from not being on top of financial matters?

You went to university to become a doctor, not a financial expert. That is where we can help you.


EyeXperts brings a process for marketing to professional practices which is unique. By using methods and accessing data that in the past has been limited to large optical chains, allows an individual marketing plan to be built around the strengths of a Diamond office.

With systems thinking and understanding the systemic structures, we can create real tangible improvement resulting in lasting and desired change.

An Eyeglass on your practice

  • How is your practice perceived by the public?
  • Have you analyzed the demographics of your marketplace?
  • Are you targeting the right demographics?
  • Is the public perception of your practice at a high professional level?
  • Are you carrying the right products for the demographics you want to attract?
  • Are your products displayed in an inviting manner?
  • Does your practice portray professionalism and at the same time a comfortable place for the client?
  • Do you review your marketing plan on a regular basis?
  • Does your staff have a marketing strategy that is employed?

Successful marketing requires a broad range of factors, so let us help you define them and then use them to your advantage.

Human Resources

A Gung Ho team that creates raving fans out of the public is the only long term sustainable advantage any professional office has when competing against large corporate competition.

To help offices get the most out of the their team, EyeXperts has tools and training that unleash the power of personality profiling – a tool used by many long term successful companies such as Johnson & Johnson, and United Airlines. Our BORD tool measures a patient’s personalities in 30 seconds.

EyeXperts also has tools to measure and build team members’ strengths. This allows offices to build their team in ways rarely seen in small business.

Only offices that execute their vision can create measurable, sustainable results.

Developing Personnel

  • Do you have staff meetings on a weekly basis?
  • Are your staff meetings structured with a training component?
  • Do your staff meetings sometimes become a complaint department?
  • Do you need guidance in designing an incentive program for staff that really works?
  • Is all your staff on the same page with a common goal?
  • With personality profiling, do you have the right people in the right place?
  • Does staff understand the impact they have on the practice financially?