Canadian Vision Care was founded in 1981 as a platform to provide primary eye health care to people in developing countries around the world.

Founders Gerry Leinweber, Gord Hensel, Andy Patterson and Brad Almond have built CVC into a registered charity organization with worldwide reach. Currently, CVC is operating on four continents, staffed by hundreds of volunteers, who provide thousands of hours of work to ensure the success of CVC’s initiatives. Firmly rooted in the the three O’s (Optometry, Ophthalmology and Opticianry), CVC remains true to its mission to deliver comprehensive, integrated eye health care to the people who benefit most.

CVC exists solely on the generosity of donors and sponsors, who provide cash, materials, and equipment that is used in the construction and operation of clinics around the world. CVC is strictly volunteer-driven, with a policy of no more than five per cent of funds being used for administration and fundraising. On average, 98 percent of funds raised annually are dispersed among active projects. CVC has no employees, and contracts out accounting and administrative functions when needed.

As a proud sponsor of CVC, EyeXperts donates a portion of its income to ensure that CVC is able to continue performing the work of helping people to see a better world.